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July 13,2016….6:30am-11:30am…The forecast had stormy weather that never showed up. It was a warm 72 degrees to start with a 5-10 mph WSW wind and cloudy skies. The warmer weather had the water temperature up to 75.3 degrees. We fished the Viking using the wind in our favor to drift and drag tubes in 5-17 feet. We did the same at Victoria. We were able to catch 5 smallmouth in the 2 pound range and lost one at the boat. We moved into the bay above Victoria and fished the outside of a weed bed in, 7 feet that the cutters left with the tubes. We caught 1 smallmouth and 2 walleye. Both walleye were less than the 18 in. size limit.  
July 12,2016….6:30am-11:30am…This was another trip for preparing a client for a tournament so again, we did not stay and beat up the fish. The morning temperature was 64 degrees with a WSW wind at 5-10 mph. It was partly cloudy to start but developed into a hot (84 degrees), clear sunny day. The water temperature was 71.5 degrees. Water clarity is still down to 7 feet. We fished the weed line above the Bell Tower, Lighthouse Point, Victoria and Warner’s Bar using tubes in depths of 10-15 feet. We also fished some shallow rocks early using buzz baits and chatter baits. In all we caught 8 smallmouth mostly in the two pound range.  
July 6,2016….6:30am-11:30am…Sunny and bright this morning with a temperature of 65 degrees. The water temperature was 73.4 degrees. A light SW wind put just enough of a ripple on the water to allow a nice drift. We fished tubes in 9-17 feet depths in Mayville and the Viking catching 4 smallmouth and breaking off one. Once the bite stopped and the wind picked up we moved to sheltered waters and fished the docks at Prendergast Point and Harfield Bay where we caught 5 largemouth using weightless plastics.  
July 3,2016….6:30am-1:30pm…It was a bit chilly this morning with a temperature of 48 degrees. The wind was from the SW at less than 5 mph and partly cloudy skies. With the colder temperatures the water temperature dropped to 71.3 degrees. This was a trip to prepare a client for an upcoming tournament so we didn’t stay on fish very long. We made runs to the Mayville Flats, Dewitteville, Mission Meadows, Viking, Warner’s Bar, and Irwin Bay. In all we caught 7 smallmouth, the largest a 5 ½ pound fish. Then we headed to the lower basin looking for largemouth around docks. We caught 5 total fish covering water from Greenhurst back to the bridge. Had we stayed on some of the fish our numbers would have increase. This was a locate and leave alone trip.  
June 30,2016….2:00pm-7:00pm…The wind was from the WNW at 10-15 mph with sunny skies and a temperature of 67 degrees. The water temperature held between 75.4-75.7 degrees. We headed up to the Mayville shoreline to get shielded from the wind and fished the docks using weightless soft stick baits. The weed cover was very slim around the docks which had a lot to do with no fish being caught there. We moved into Hadley bay where the weed cover was better and caught 5 largemouth using the same technique. We changed up and moved out to the 10-17 foot ledge off the Mayville flats to try for a smallmouth bite using tubes and grubs but could only boat 4 perch. The wind was still blowing pretty hard so we ran down to Bemus Bay and fished some of the docks there and caught just one largemouth. We finished up over by We Wan Chu Cottages and caught 4 more largemouth around docks. The wind never really let up to allow us in more productive deep water but we made the best of what the weather gave us. Most of the fish were around 1 ½ pounds with 2 right around 3 pounds.  
June 28,2016….6:30am-11:30…62 degrees and partly cloudy skies with a 5-10 mph NW wind greeted us this morning. The water temperature stayed steady through the whole trip at 75 degrees. We headed to the upper basin to the condos above Point Chautauqua looking for a muskie bite. Casting in-line spinners we were able to raise one fish but couldn’t get the bite. We moved to the creek mouth and point in Dewitteville where we got two more fish to follow but still no hook up. A big school of white bass kept chasing baitfish on the weedline and we were able to catch two of them. That would be the last action we would get. We tried the shoreline from Mission Meadows all the way down to Midway with no luck. We made a run to Whitney Bay and Bemus Bay and failed to raise a fish. Some days just raising three fish to the baits is an accomplishment. Muskie fishing is just that way.  
June 10,2016….6:30am-11:30…We were greeted with a 48 degree morning temperature. The cooler overnight temperatures lowered the water temperature to 63.4 degrees at the start of the trip. We had partly cloudy skies and a light south wind. By the end of the trip the water temperature had worked its way up to 67.3 degrees. We headed to the upper basin searching for smallmouth. We fished tubes along the north shoreline from the Viking to Dewitteville and caught 5 smallmouth. We worked 6-15 feet depths but most were caught in 6-8 feet. We moved over to Prendergast Point and tried for a muskie bite but got none. So we ran down to the lower basin and used Power Worms and Chigger Craws flipping in the weeds in Hadley Bay. We could only find a nice bullhead to take one of the Chigger Craws. We moved to Neits Crest and worked the shallow rocky shoreline. We saw 5 different smallmouth cruising in the area but none would bite. On the way back to the launch we stopped and fished a few bridge piling but caught nothing. Not too bad for a tough day. Most of the fish are in that “post spawn funk”. Give them a few days and the bite will be back.  
June 3,2016….6:30am-11:30…This morning we had a little bit of everything, some cloudiness, then fog and finally sunshine. The wind was light from the south and eventually shifted all the way around to NW, picking up to 8-10 mph. The temperature was a little cooler at 58 degrees. It lowered the water temperature to 62.8 degrees but the warm sun had it back up to 71.6 degrees but 11. Our first stop was at Lighthouse Point fishing rocks, wood and scattered weeds. We caught one small largemouth on a weightless plastic. We moved to Dewitteville Bay and caught one largemouth and one smallmouth again on the weightless plastic. Our next move was to The Lutheran Camp shoreline where we fished tubes to catch 5 more smallmouth. The fish were in the area but we had to really work it over to get them to bite. The fish were in 3-7 feet on the inside weed edge.  
June 1,2016….6:30am-1:30…The water temperature started at 68.2 degrees and made it to 72.7 by 1:30. We had clear skies and 62 degrees for a morning temperature with SW winds at around 5 mph. We started on the outside drop off in Mayville fishing tubes and dropshot in 10-15 feet depths but could only catch perch. We moved to Chautauqua Point and caught 1 smallmouth on a weightless plastic. We moved to the shoreline off the Lutheran Camp and caught 8 more smallmouth all on tubes. They would chase a fluke but would not take it. Once the smallie bite quit we headed to the lower basin and found some largemouth both on beds and also cruising. We were able to catch 3 of them, one on the weightless plastic and 2 on a small beaver type plastic. We managed one more smallmouth in front of Lakewood Beach on a tube. The largemouth were is less than 4 feet of water and the smallmouth were in 3-8 feet.  
May 23, 2016….8:00am-12 noon…The temperature this morning was 42 degrees with a light north wind creating another dead calm water day in the lower basin. The water temperature was 61.3 degrees at the start and by noon was 63 degrees. The fish have started their move up into the shallows. We saw many fish roaming in 3-6 feet both largemouth and smallmouth. They stayed fairly close to the scatter weed edge rather than out in open water. We were able to get one smallmouth and 4 largemouth using tubes, spinnerbaits and weightless plastics. I’d like to say get your hopes up but starting Wednesday T-storms are in the forecast all the way through Memorial Day weekend. Cross your fingers.  
May 19, 2016….7:00am-12 noon…The temperature this morning was 38 degrees with a slight north wind and basically dead calm waters in the lower basin. The water temperature was 55.4 degrees at the start and maxed out at 58.7 degrees by noon. Looking for smallmouth we fished tubes, swim baits, jerk baits and weightless soft plastic stick baits in depths ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet. We caught 3 nice smallmouth in the 4+ pound range. Two on a tube and one on the new Berkley Cutter 90+ suspending jerk bait. All the fish were in 7-8 feet around scattered weeds and rocky bottom.  
May 18, 2016….7:00am-12 noon…We’re getting closer to warm weather. It was 43 degrees this morning with cloudy skies. The sun never broke through until around 10am. By the end of the trip it was 59 degrees. The water temperature started at 55.4 and gradually made it to 57.6. This was a perch fishing trip. Every place we stopped only one would get to the boat. After jumping around to a few spots we finally found them around Dewitteville in scattered weeds from 4-7 feet. A very small junebug color grub along with the sun coming out did the trick and 24 went in the live well. We did see 4 or 5 largemouth cruising the shallows. It won’t be long now and the fish will be moving up.  
May 17, 2016….7:00am-12 noon…The water temperature, 54.3-56.8 degrees, survived the last two cold days, including snow. Yup May 15th and we had snow. YUK! The wind was NW at 5-10 mph with overcast skies and occasional rain showers. It was cold, 43 degrees to start and gradually made it to 56 degrees. We fished crankbaits, spinnerbaits, grubs, tubes and jerkbaits above the bridge and below the bridge in depths from 3 feet to 18 feet and could only find one largemouth that would take a tube. The water is very clear. Weed growth looks good so far. Saw lots of perch so the forage is solid.  
May 16, 2016……..Well I guess you’re wondering why it took so long to post a report??? The 2015 season was not a good one for catching fish unless you went muskie fishing. Not my most favorite thing to do. Anyway, I just couldn’t bring myself to take people’s money and not give them a good trip and when I went on my own there wasn’t much to write about. I could have posted the same report word for word each time….it sucked. Hopefully the 2016 season will be better.  
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