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Aug 15, 2012…7:00am-2:00pm. Fog, cloudy skies, 63 degrees and light NW winds were the early morning conditions. With the cooler temperatures and rain the last two days the water temperature dropped to 73-74 degrees. This was a “prepare for a tournament” charter so we never stayed any place very long once we located fish. We started off the Mayville flats along the 11-14 foot drop-off fishing tubes. Once we located fish we moved in on some of the docks along the Mayville shoreline fishing soft stick baits. The next stop was Mission Meadows then Viking, Whitney Bay and Warner’s Bar. We ran down the lake to Sheldon Hall, Greenhurst, Burtis Bay, Sherman’s Bay and back up to Bemus Bay. In all we caught 11 smallmouth and 8 largemouth. Since this was preparing a guy for a tournament the only thing we will give up is that all the fish were caught on tubes and soft stick baits and the size ranged from infants to 3 ½ pounds.  
Aug 9, 2012…4:30pm-8:00pm. This was a tough day mainly due to the constant weather change and impending storm system coming through. Cloudy skies and a threat of T-storms kept the temperature right around 77 degrees. Very light NW winds had the lake very calm. The water temperature ranged from 78.7-80.3 degrees depending on where we were. The algae bloom is in full force. This was a muskie/bass trip so we started in Whitney Bay in 15-17 feet casting in-line buck tail spinners. We made one long drift zig zagging from the 17 feet into 10 feet over the weeded for the entire length of the bay but could not raise a fish. We moved into shore and fished 2 docks that usually produce largemouth but could not get bit there either. We ran across the lake to Sunset Bay and fished the docks there but could only manage 4 small largemouth. We made another move up the lake to Midway Park and made a drift casting again for muskies along the outer weed line but with no luck. At this point one of the forecasted T-storms had moved south of us and had caused the wind to really pick up so we ran around Long Point and went into Bemus Bay fishing the docks, again using soft stick baits under and between the docks. We caught 5 largemouth and lost 2. The most exciting strikes were those between the docks because they hit the bait being worked quickly over the surface. Luckily all the storms missed us.  
Aug 1, 2012…6:30am-11:30am. Light WNW winds and 70 degree temperatures with a bit of an overcast sky greeted us at the start of today’s trip. The water temperature was a bit warmer at 78.2 – 80.3 degrees. The bite was slow today but still produced 11 bass, 5 smallmouth and 6 largemouth. Size wise nothing was bigger than 2 ½ pounds. All the smallmouth were caught on tubes in 11-13 feet of water fished very slow from Mission Meadows, Viking and Mayville. The largemouth came from docks in Whitney Bay, Sunset Bay and Bemus Bay using soft stick baits.  
July 30, 2012…6:30am-11:30am. Cooler over night temperatures have lowered the water temperature down to 75.3 degrees. I do believe this to be a good thing. Today’s air temperature was 61 degrees with light SW winds less than 5 mph and partly cloudy skies. We began at Mission Meadows and caught 4 smallmouth in 10-13 feet using tubes. The bite was slow so we moved up to Mayville and made one drift in the same depths with no luck. We decided to try some of the docks in Hartfield Bay and caught 1 smallmouth and 3 largemouth either under the docks or in the open water between the docks where there was both weeds and rocks. Soft stick baits did the trick there. The wind began to pick up so we headed back to Mission Meadow’s to give the smallmouth another try. One small problem, fisherman on a pontoon boat that had watched us catch the smallies earlier was anchored right on the spot so we moved down to the Viking. This was a very good move and we should have gone back to thank the guys on the pontoon boat for taking our other spot because we stayed in a 25 yard stretch in 10-13 feet and caught 12 smallmouth and one largemouth, all on the same tubes we used earlier. Sometimes what looks like a problem turns into a golden moment.  
July 28, 2012…8:30am-10:30am. We took a chance on the weatherman being wrong this morning. Well, he wasn’t! T-storms rolled in as forecasted. We did get 2 productive hours in though before the T-storms drove us off the lake. Winds were calm and from the NE with an air temperature of 73 degrees. The water temperature was 79.3 degrees. The water had a stain to it but it was more on the surface. The hooked fish were visible down to about 2-3 feet. We started at the Viking fishing melon and green pumpkin tubes but could only manage one very small smallmouth. We made a quick move to Mission Meadows fishing the same baits and caught 6 smallmouth with the biggest a 3 ½-4 pound fish. As the storm started to come on to the lake from the west we moved closer to the state park where we caught one nice size silver bass. Then, a hint you all should watch for, static electricity holding the monofilament way above the surface of the water signifying possible lightning danger. The line was actually suspended about 5-6 feet above the water line. So off the water we went. The storm came in and remained so we ended the trip. At least the fish were good to us for that short time.  
July 16, 2012…4:00pm-7:30pm. This was a late afternoon trip that had temperatures hovering around 92 degrees. The wind was from the WSW at 15-20 mph with sunny skies. The water temperature was 81.9 degrees. We ran down to Bly’s Bay where we were protected somewhat from the wind and fished the shallow grass and docks with soft stick baits rigged weightless and Texas style. We caught four largemouth along the shoreline in 2-4 feet of water. Smoke, junebug and green pumpkin colors all worked equally well. When the wind laid down we tried some deeper water with tubes at the Viking and Warner’s Bar but could only manage a nice size silver bass. We moved into some docks in Sunset Bay and caught one largemouth and one smallmouth off the docks.  
July 15, 2012…8:30am-1:00pm. This was “take a soldier fishing” day. We had a great breakfast at the Mayville VFW to start the morning. T-storms delayed the start of the fishing day by more than an hour. I was very fortunate an honored to have a young man who has served to tours in Iraq with a surgical medical team. Also with us was Charles, one of the two photographers that came with the guys. When we finally got on the water we ran to Warner’s Bar. There we caught two smallmouth, one on the first cast, a couple of silver bass and lost a musky. We moved to the Viking but had no luck. We ran into Bemus Bay and fished a few docks where we lost two nice largemouth in the open water between the docks and then got chased to Long Point State Park by another frog drowning T-storm. The park provided cover protection from the lightning. The delay took another hour off the fishing time but a few of the other guides made it to the park too so we sat around eating and exchanging stories. Once the storm went by we headed up the lake to some docks off the Chautauqua Institution shoreline. We caught a nice 3 ½ pound largemouth. That fish won Scott the big fish of the day award.  
July 14, 2012…6:30am-10:00am. Winds were from the SSE at 5-10 mph with partly cloudy skies and an air temperature of 64 degrees at the start of the trip. The water temperature was a steady 79.4 degrees. Because of the short trip we fished the Viking and Mission Meadows. Between the two places we caught 4 smallmouth on tubes. A few other fish didn’t make it to the boat, mostly because of missed hook sets. As usual the weatherman missed his mark on the wind speed. By 10 am it was blowing closer to 15 mph and the upper end of the lake was rolling pretty good.  
July 8, 2012…6:30am-12:00pm. Despite the heat we had a 20 fish day! The constant heat for this week had the water temperature ranging from 79 to 81 degrees. The warmer weather has the algae bloom starting up which I know just thrills everyone. The lower end is worse than the upper end of the lake but that soon will change if the temperatures don’t cool down and we get some rain. This morning’s air temperature was 74 degrees and managed to get to 85 degrees by noon. Winds were from the N at less than 5 mph until about 10:30 when they built up to about 10 mph. Skies were clear and sunny. We started off the Mayville flats in 10-18 feet but could only fool two smallies. For some reason the fish have not moved into this area in quantity or quality. We moved to Mission Meadows and caught 7 smallies and 1 walleye. Next stop took us to The Viking where we caught 4 smallies. All the fish were caught on a melon colored tube. Once the smallies quit we went down into Bemus Bay and caught 6 largemouth off the docks using a soft stick bait. Most of the fish were in the 1 ½ - 2 pound range but we did have 2 smallmouth and one largemouth hit the 3 pound class.  
June 28, 2012…6:00am-11:30am. This was another cool morning at 53 degrees but with a totally opposite direction in the wind, SW, less than 5 mph. The water temperature was 73.4 degrees with partly cloudy skies. We started the trip searching for smallmouth using tube jigs. We fished Mayville, Mission Meadows, Viking and Warner’s Bar and caught a total of 13. Most were on the very small size. It seemed the big fish just didn’t want anything to do with us.  
June 26, 2012…6:30am-11:30am. This was a nice cool morning, 53 degrees and a NNW wind less than 5 mph. The water temperature was 76.8 degrees with partly cloudy skies. We started off at the end of the Mayville flats in 12-17 feet of water fishing a tube and a drop shot rigged with a Gulp 3” leech. We caught 3 smallmouth on the drop shot leech. The wind began to pick up so we headed to Mission Meadows where we could let the wind work in our favor. We fished the same depths using the same baits and caught 3 smallmouth all on the tube. The wind continued to build to the forecasted 15-25 mph so we tried the Viking and caught one smallmouth but couldn’t deal with the wind so we ran down to Bemus Bay and fished some of the docks in the calmer water with soft stick baits and caught to nice, 3 pound class, largemouth to end the trip.  
June 20, 2012…11:00am-4:00pm. Bright sunshine, 87 degree temperature and a 5-10 mph west wind was today’s forecast. We fished three areas today. First we ran to the top of the lake and fished a tube off the Mayville flats in 12-18 feet but came up empty. With the bright sunshine we decided to move to some docks on the Maple Springs shoreline. Using a Berkley Heavyweight soft stick bait we caught 7 largemouth. The last stop took us all the way down the lake to Greenhurst where we caught 5 more largemouth using the same bait. All the fish were in the 2 pound range. They were nothing to win a tournament with but still fun to catch. The water temperature at the upper end of the lake was 76.4 degrees and 82.3 at the lower end.  
June 13, 2012…9:00am-12:00pm. Well, as usual the weatherman guessed wrong. The forecast was for sunny skies and they said at 7:30 am the wind was NNW at 5 mph. NNW was correct but not even close to 5 mph, more like 10-15 mph and it looked like we would get rain any minute. Oh, for only a job like that! The air temperature was 57 degrees but the water temperature stayed at 67.3-69.4 degrees depending on where we were.

We started on the Mayville flats to get away from that “mild” wind. HA! We made two drifts using white Berkley Power Jerk Shads. We could only manage to fool one largemouth. We moved down to Dewitteville and fished a tube jig in 12-15 feet around the point but could only get panfish to bite. We drifted the Mission Meadows shoreline and lost one fish on a soft stick bait along the weed edge. The last stop turned out to be the best, the Viking point. The wind was blowing right on the point and the fish were sitting just inside the weed edge on the windy side. We caught 2 largemouth and two smallmouth, one a 4 pounder. All were caught on a tube jig casted into the weed edge and ripping it out.

June 11, 2012…8:30am-12:00pm. Today we had a SSE wind 10-15 mph, air temperature of 85 degrees and a water temperature of 70.7 degrees. We started at Warner’s Bar in 11-13 feet using tubes along the open areas just outside the weeds. We caught 3 smallies on one drift. We moved up the lake to the Viking staying in the same depths but this time dragging the tubes we caught three more smallies. We tried the same technique at Mission Meadows and off the Mayville flats but came up empty. The wind picked up to roughly 20 mph and the sky clouded up looking like the predicted rain storms would start so we headed back to Long Point and got off the water.

NOTE:The snack bar at the launch is open and has good food at a reasonable price.

June 8, 2012…12:30pm-4:00pm. Just went out for, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I’m not sure why. The wind was blowing from the NW at 15-20 mph, it was really hot and there weren’t many places to hide from the wind. I thought that I would head up to Mayville to get shielded by the upper shoreline. WRONG! I turned the corner at Long Point and decided the 8 mile rough ride wasn’t going to be worth it so we headed down to the bridge and tried fishing some of the pilings. The water temperature was 68-69 degrees. We fished a tube around 3 of the pilings that usually hold fish but caught nothing. Next we tried the Colburn shoreline fishing the docks and inside weed edge but again nothing. We ran to the south side of Cheney’s point where we found some calmer water and fished a white Berkley Jerk Shad. The fish were in the weed pockets in 3-4 feet of water. They would come up, grab the jerk shad and go right back down. We managed to get 5 largemouth doing that, following the weeds down to Niets Crest. In this case the wind actually helped move us along in the thick weeds. There was no real size to any of the fish but they were fun to catch.  
May 24, 2012…6:00am-11:00am. It was a bit warmer today with a morning temperature of 62 degrees. The wind was SE 5-10 mph and built to every bit of the forecasted 20 mph by 10:30am. The water temperature stayed steady at 67-68 degrees. Visibility was still down to about 10 feet in most places. We started on Warner’s Bar again because it has been the most consistent area. The first cast produced a nice 3 pound smallie and then an hour later a small one, so much for consistency. We did manage a 17 inch walleye too. We headed over to Victoria Point and caught another smallmouth and a largemouth. All were caught on the melon pepper tube. We moved to the rocky shoreline above the Viking and saw quite a few smallmouth still guarding beds but could only catch one. We did find a spot where 3 largemouth were roaming the shallows and caught one on a weightless soft stick bait. Not a bad day for one that had the wind come up so hard so early.  
May 23, 2012…7:00am-1:00pm. I took a couple of hunting buddies fishing today. We had a NNE wind at less than 5 mph, water temperature of 64.7 degrees and an air temperature of 54 degrees with a slight fog giving way to clear sunny skies. The water was still clear on Warner’s Bar, where we started, with visibility to 10 feet. No surface bite today but the tube bite was red hot. We fished Warner’s until around 9 am catching 8 smallies ranging from 12 inches to 4 ½ pounds. Water depth was between 10-14 feet for all the catches. The wind started to pick up so we moved to Point Chautauqua searching the shallows for smallmouth and largemouth. We saw plenty but they wouldn’t show any interest in tubes, white flukes or a soft stick bait. We checked the Mayville flats with no luck. The same was found to be true above the Bell Tower. Last stop was Victoria Point. There we caught 5 more smallies and one small largemouth. Every fish today was caught on a melon pepper tube.  
May 21, 2012…7:00am-1:00pm. The water temperature was 63.4 degrees and we had an air temperature of 56 degrees. The wind was light and variable with clear skies. We started on Warner’s Bar for two reasons, 1 the water was absolutely flat and 2 this is one of the finest spawning flats for smallmouth on the lake. The weeds were up to about 2 feet below the surface and full of small perch so the bait was there. Water clarity was clear and visible to 10 feet. We started on the rock flat just outside the buoy line in 10-13 feet using tube jigs. It took about ½ an hour and roughly 100 yds of the flat to get a bite…a very small smallmouth. There were small minnows all over on the flat and soon the water was boiling with surface activity so we switched to a Spit’n Image and caught so many that I stopped counting at over a dozen. When the surface bite stopped we went back to the tube and caught bigger fish, with the largest a 5.3 pound smallie. We spent over 4 hours fishing the bar and like I said lost count after we hit a dozen… More like double that.  
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