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Aug 9, 2014…7:00am-2:00pm …..Today we spent the entire trip in the lower basin. The water temperature was about the same this morning as the last two at 70.5 degrees. It was 58 degrees and a minor fog. The wind was light and variable. Where there was no fog it was bright and sunny. We headed below the bridge to Colburn and fished the docks using weightless stick baits and pitching plastics around the docks. We also used a buzzbait and a spook in between the docks. We fished down the east shore line all the way down to Greenhurst then jumped over to the west side and fished some of Burtis Bay, Sherman’s Bay, Neits Crest, Hadley Bay and some different bridge pilings. We finished up in Bemus Bay but the boat traffic made it very difficult to fish. In all we caught 16 largemouth, mainly from docks.  
Aug 8, 2014…7:00am-2:00pm …..Another morning of thick fog! It hung around again until 8:30. It temperature was 56 degrees with a light SE wind. The water temperature was 70.3 degrees. This was a trip to prepare people for an upcoming tournament. We stayed in the upper basin the entire trip. We started at Warner’s Bar and then covered the Viking, Mission Meadows, Dewitteville Bay, Hartfield Bay, Mayville Flats, Lighthouse Point, Whitney Bay, Victoria, the bridge pilings and Bemus Bay. In all we caught 3 smallmouth, 18 largemouth and one muskie. We fished tubes and dropshot rigs in 10-15 feet, soft stick baits and worms around docks and pilings. By the end of the trip it was 80 degrees and the water temperature had climbed to 74.8 but the wind stayed SE at less than 5 mph. The algae bloom has kept the water stained and ugly.  
Aug 7, 2014…7:30am-1:30pm …..Fog until almost 8:30, 58 degrees and a very light WNW wind made travel around the lake a bit difficult. Thank goodness for the GPS. The water temperature was 70.3 degrees to start and ended at 74.9 degrees as the sun finally came out when the fog lifted. We fished for panfish since the charter involved a 10 year old. WE only got one sunfish, mainly because we couldn’t get to the perch area, missed quite a few other bites though. After the trip I picked up the grandson for a little fishing. We got one smallmouth from Victoria, one largemouth under the ferry ramp and 4 largemouth from the bridge pilings. He fished like a champ!  
Aug 4, 2014…6:30am-2:30pm …..64 degrees, cloudy skies, light SSW winds and a water temperature of 70.7 degrees started our morning. This was a trip to prepare a young Ohio State college tournament fisherman for competition on the lake later this month. We started looking for smallmouth on Warner’s Bar but could not get a bite. We moved to the Viking and there we caught one very nice fish. We fished Victoria and caught another nice smallie. The problem was that in both places we could not get numbers. With most of the heavier weight coming from the docks we moved into Whitney Bay using soft stick baits and caught 4 largemouth, We did the same in the Power Boat Club, Sunset Bay and Bemus Bay. In all we caught 11 more largemouth. We made a stop at the shallower bridge pilings and caught 1 smallmouth and 2 largemouth. Besides the soft stick bait we used shakey heads and tubes.

The water temperature rose to 75.9 by the end of the trip. It should be noted that the algae bloom is started to increase. We’ve had too many warm nights. If you have a wish list with any room on it, wish for 40-45 degree night time temperatures to kill it.

July 29, 2014…7:00am-12:00pm …..53 degrees, yes really 53 degrees at 7am, with very cloudy skies and a west wind at 5-8 mph started our morning. Not a bad thing when the algae bloom is trying to start up. Let it be cold!!!!! Just no snow. Anyway we headed up the lake to Mayville and fished tube jigs along the 10-15 foot drop-off but could only manage 5 perch. We moved in on the docks and hooked up on 5 largemouth, most of which were small. We fished Mission Meadows and the Viking using the tubes and caught one smallmouth and one nice largemouth along the 10 foot drop-off. The wind switched to the WNW and picked up making the fishing difficult so we moved to Whitney Bay and caught three largemouth off the same dock. We made a quick run to the Bridge and fished two of the reliable pilings but came up empty. The last stop was in Bemus Bay where we caught one more largemouth. Fishing the docks we used Texas rigged soft stick baits, smoke and green pumpkin. It remained cloudy the entire trip leaving the water temperature exactly the same as when we started 70.9 degrees. Of course the sun came right out the minute the boat was on the trailer.  
June 24, 2014…6:00am-12:00pm …..The lake has been pounded by many tournaments in the last 2 weeks and the fishing is reflecting it. Docks are being beaten up. If you can find a weed bed that hasn’t been cut up you will find fish, mostly small but catchable. We started with 74 degree water a temperature, SW wind at 5-10, sunny skies and 81 degree air temperature. The deep water smallies have not found their way out to the deep weed edges yet and most of the tournaments are being won by limits of largemouth, 20+ pounds. Many are coming from docks so as much as they have been beaten up we started on the Mayville set of docks. There we caught 4 nice fish. We fished docks in Sunset Bay, Hadley Bay, Arnold’s Bay and Smith Boys to land 8 more largemouth.  
June 10, 2014…6:00am-12:00pm ….. 67 degree water temperature and cloudy skies with 72 degree air temperature started the morning trip. Still looking for some productive weed beds but finding most all ripped up by the weed cutters. They are definitely doing their job this season. We started on the Mayville flats along the middle buoyed area in 5-7 feet flipping a Berkley Power Worm and the new 3” Havoc Pit Boss but could only catch small fish, no more than 2 pounds. We moved down the lake and fished the buoy liner on Warner’s Bar and still could only get small fish. We kept moving south and stopped at the bridge pilings but no luck there. Then we checked the weed bed in Hadley Bay, but again only small fish. We moved to the docks in Soft Acres using soft stick baits and that produced 3 nice fish in the 3 pound class.  
June 6, 2014…9:00am-1:00pm ….. It was a gorgeous morning at 60 degrees, clear and sunny. The wind was out of the NNW at less than 5 mph. The water temperature dropped a few degrees because of the last two cold nights and was 65.3 degrees. It never got above 68.2 degrees throughout the trip. We started at Chautauqua Point using weightless stick baits and caught 10 smallmouth and one largemouth. We saw a few more that we could not get to bite. They all were in 3-6 feet of water. We moved down to the shoreline between Mission Meadows and the Viking and caught 5 smallmouth mainly on a tube jig. They were a little deeper out to 7 feet. Next we stopped at Warner’s Bar and caught 7 largemouth, again using tube jigs. They were inside the buoys in 4-7 feet. The wind was blowing pretty good by then, 10-15 mph, and we just got tired of dealing with it so we moved around to Bemus Bay where it was more sheltered and caught 7 more largemouth and one more smallmouth using the tubes and the weightless stick baits. Not a bad day for a late start and only 4 hours.  
June 4, 2014…9:00am-1:00pm ….. It was sunny and 65 degrees with a light south wind. The water temperature was 67.8 degrees in the upper basin. We fished the shoreline from the Viking to Mission Meadows in 3-6 feet using spinnerbaits, and soft stick baits. We could see good size smallmouth roaming in the 4 foot range but could only get 3 smallmouth and 2 largemouth to bite due to the clear water and little to no ripple on the water. The wind shifted around 10 am, coming from the west at 8-10 mph but still no more action. We moved to Chautauqua Point and caught 7 smallmouth. Once that bite stopped we moved to the Dewittville Bay and caught 4 largemouth all on the weightless stick bait. We made one more drift on the shoreline where we started the morning but could only get one more smallmouth. The wind really picked up at that point so we moved into Bemus Bay where it was a bit calmer. It turned out to be a good choice because we caught 6 more largemouth. Most of the fish were caught on the weightless stick bait, smoke in color  
May 31, 2014…6:00am-2:00pm ….. Finally, the water level has gone down from what the storms left us a week ago. The lake was over many of the docks on the lake and dangerous debris was floating all over the lake. Not an attractive situation for me so I stayed off the lake until this morning. We were greeted with a 50 degree morning temperature and a minor fog. The wind was light from the north. The water temperature was 65.2 degrees. We started above Mission Meadows and worked the shallow shoreline all the way down to the Viking using wacky style soft stick baits, spinner baits, swimming jigs, and white flukes. We caught 6 smallmouth and 2 largemouth. During this time the wind switched to the NE around 5 mph. We changed and moved to a rock pile above the Bell Tower but had no success. Next we fished Lighthouse Point where we caught 1 largemouth around 4 pounds. The next stop was Warner’s Bar where we caught 1 smallmouth and 4 largemouth. We made the long run down to the lower basin and fished Sheldon Hall, the Crib and Ashville Bay all with no success. The water was a bit warmer at 68-70 degrees and stained enough to hinder seeing any fish movement in the shallows so we headed back up to where we started the morning. By now the wind had shifted again to the NW and 5-10 mph and the water warmed to 67.8 degrees. At this point the skies had cleared and it was sunny. We could only get one more smallmouth. We finished at Victoria where we caught one more smallmouth. Throughout the day the rock bass were on fire and we totally lost count on them. They were getting to the baits faster than the smallies.  
May 17, 2014…7:30am-12:30pm ….. The morning temperature was 38 degrees. It was partly cloudy with a WNW wind 5-10 mph. The water temperature held at 58.4 all morning. We fished the lower basin at Stoney Point, Sheldon Hall, the Crib, Lakewood Beach and Sherman Bay with a Redeye Shad as the go to bait, along with a swim jig and a tube. WE caught 11 smallmouth, 6 largemouth and 2 walleye. Most were caught on the Redeye Shad. Depth of the fish was still the same, 3-7 feet. Nothing spawning as yet.  
May 16, 2014…3:00pm-8:00pm ….. Unbelievable! Another cool down. The temperature was 47-52 degrees. The water temperature was warmer at 57-63 degrees. Cloudy/dirty water where the creeks were running into the lake but it didn’t seem to bother the fish. The wind was very strong from the WNW at 15+ mph. We fished the Dewittville to Midway shoreline using the wind to push us down the shoreline. We did the same on the Shore Acres to Colburn shoreline and also at Bly’s Point to catch 17 smallmouth, 6 largemouth and 2 walleye. We used a swim jig, Redeye Shad and a Red Rattle Trap. All the fish were in 3-7 feet of water.  
May 14, 2014…7:00am-1:00pm …..This morning we fished the upper basin. There were early morning showers that cleared to sunny skies. The temperature started at 57 degrees and rose to 82 by the end of the trip. The water temperature was between 58-64 degrees. The wind was from the SW at less than 5 mph. Senkos, jerkbaits, flukes and swim jigs were used to catch 14 smallmouth 1 largemouth and a 30” muskie. We fished the rocky shoreline from Dewittville down to Midway Park, the Chautauqua Institute shoreline and Victoria.  
May 13, 2014…12:00pm-6:00pm …..We had partly sunny skies with a temperature of 82 degrees. The water temperature was 68-72 and the winds were SW 5-10 mph switching to W 15 mph. We fished the lower basin around Colburn, Shore Acres and Sheldon Hall using white flukes, tubes and swimming jigs to catch 3 smallmouth, 8 largemouth and 1 walleye. All the fish were in 3-6 feet.  
May 8, 2014…7:30am-12:00 and 1:00pm-4:00pm…..50 degrees and showers greeted us this morning. There was very little wind from the SW. The water temperature had warmed to 51 degrees but the fish took an hour before they would bite. In the boat this morning was Tim Huffman, Monster and Dave Mull freelance writer and past president of AGLOW. Again we started at Stoney Point. We also fished Sheldon Hall, Bly’s Point and Shore Acres using tubes, Husky Jerks and a new bait called a Biffle Bug. In all we boated 13 smallmouth, 6 largemouth and a 46-48 inch Muskie which was caught on the same 8 pound test as all the other fish.

The afternoon trip had Don Dziedzina from Illinois Outdoors and Cory Schmidt from Aqua Vu fishing. By now the water temperature had come up to 54-58 degrees and the outside temperature had come up to 70 degrees with lots of sun. The wind switched to NW 5-10 mph. We decided to start at Shore Acres where the morning trip left off. We then moved to the Colburn Shoreline. The fish were few and far between so we ran up to Mission Meadows and then back down to Victoria. In all we caught 6 smallmouth, 3 largemouth and 1 walleye. Baits used were tube, Biffle Bug, swim jig, and a Flicker Shad crank bait.

May 7, 2014…7:30am-12:00 and 1:00pm-4:00pm…..For the morning Josh Lantz, Executive Director of AGLOW fished with me. Kevin Fahey from Shimano joined us for the afternoon trip. It was a bit warmer at 41 degrees when we started with a water temperature of 52.3 degrees in the lower basin which is where we started. The wind was SE 5-10 mph and the skies were partly cloudy. Throughout the day we fished tubes, rattle traps, crank baits and a Husky Jerk at Stoney Point, Bly’s Point, Shore Acres, Warner’s Bar and the Lutheran Camp catching 12 smallmouth, 2 largemouth and 1 walleye. The most effective bait was the Husky Jerk.  
May 6, 2014…7:30am-11:00am…..Another cold morning at 38 degrees with a water temperature of 51.3 degrees and a light SW wind. With me this morning was Jeff Davis form Whitetails Unlimited and Trent Marsh from Hawke Optics. We started at Stoney Point where we boated 3 smallmouth and one very nice walleye. When the fish shut down we moved to Bly’s Point and picked up one more smallmouth. We fished Lakewood Bar and Stoney Point again with no more luck. The primary bait was a melon pepper tube.  
May 5, 2014…7:00am-12:00pm…..This was first day out on the lake. It was spent scouting for the rest of the week. I was scheduled to take AGLOW (Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers) members out each day. The temperature started out a chilly 37 degrees and managed to get to 53 degrees by noon. The water temperature was anywhere from 49.5 to 51.4 degrees. Winds were light from the SW. In all 2 big smallmouth and one walleye were put in the boat. The water temperature had to be above 50 for them to bite. Time was spent at Stoney Point, Sheldon Hall, Driftwood and Shore Acres.  
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